b'POWERFUL DATAERBID1 has seen the introduction of a robust collection of English Riviera visitor data through the monthly Hows Business Survey and collection of Annual Tourism Statistics. These have provided advance trends and insights and a unique opportunity to benchmark the performance of the resort. The following evidence highlights the positive results achievedso far in relation to the key objectives for the first ERBID1 term: OVER UP75 4%RETURNED FOR EVERY MARKETINGINCREASE IN VISITOR POUND INVESTED NUMBERS AND SPENDIncreased money available toHoliday visits to the English Riviera invest in Destination Marketing,have increased by 4% fordemonstrating a strong return onstaying trips and 3% for spend investment for Levy Payers. in 2018 compared to the ERBID baseline year of 2016. Overseas study nights were also 4% higher. 3.5MEXTENSION OF THENEW VISITORS ATTRACTEDTRADITIONAL SUMMERA key objective of the ERBID1 SEASONBusiness Plan was to attract new Shoulder season occupancy hasvisitors and this has been achieved increased for every recorded yearand is evidenced by the fact that 3.5 since ERBID1 was launched in 2017. million new users have visited the English Riviera website since the ERBID Company was launched.www.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 9 /'