b'WHAT I SA B U S I N ESS IM P ROV EMEN T D IS TR I CT( B I D) ?A Business Improvement District or BID is anTHE FUNDINGYOUR MONEY, YOUR SAYarrangement whereby businesses collaborateMany places have decided to adopt this private to decide what additional services (in addition tosector management model called BIDs, to better those already provided by your business rates) youimplement the wishes and wants of their business are prepared to pay for. These additional servicescommunity. ERBID1 is an example of this and is form a Business Plan that is voted upon by eligiblefunded by businesses in the area that pay a Levy. businesses (Levy Payers). If the majority of LevyThat money is ring fenced and can only be spent Payers vote YES by both number and rateablewithin the BID area on the ideas agreed and voted value a BID can be created. A BID exists for aupon in the Business Plan. The Levy has nothing maximum of 5 years before it can be renewed andto do with normal business rates (these pass must spend the money collected within the BIDstraight to the government). Those services that area and in accordance with the agreed Businesspublic agencies are required to provide as part of Plan. There are currently over 300 BIDs in the your business rates are base-lined and BID money UK including seven Tourism BIDs, one of themcannot substitute or replace these.being ERBID1.AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR BUSINESS THE ENGLISH RIVIERA BID(ERBID) COMPANYThis document aims to both review the successThe ERBID Company is managed by a Board of ERBID1 and invites you to decide if you wantof Directors drawn from local, large and small ERBID2, an opportunity to invest a further businesses from within the ERBID area. It is3 million over the next 5 years to promote a private, not for profit, independent company.the English Riviera. Any Levy Payer is eligible to become a memberof the Company and can be put forward to serveas a non-executive Director. / 4 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'