b'A L ETT E RFRO M T H ECH AI R TIM GODFREY, CHAIR ENGLISH RIVIERA BIDCOMPANY LTDMy sincere thanks to everyone who has contributedYou told us you want to bring back Business in preparing this Final English Riviera BusinessTourism and to achieve this ERBID2 will work Improvement District (ERBID2) Business Plan. closely with MeetEnglishRiviera and MeetDevon It is this document that you are now being asked to votein a new partnership to attract both national and for and support in the forthcoming postal ballot startinginternational business back to the resort. on May 27th 2021. 3 million for promoting the resortAll of these activities will be possible if a majority over the next 5 years is at stake. YES vote is secured in the forthcoming ballot which Back in early February we produced the ERBID2will generate over 500,000 per annum but, will end Consultation Draft Business Plan. This was senton December 31st 2021 if a majority YES Vote is not to all eligible businesses inviting your views regardingsecured. We are at a T-Junction in terms of future continuing with the English Riviera Businessplans to promote the resort. Improvement District (ERBID) for a further 5 years.In the wake of COVID-19, our business environments A renewal ballot is legally required to allow thiswill be ever more fragile and I believe that continuing to happen. to work in partnership, supporting one another as Over 250 of you kindly shared your ideas, giving upwe have throughout three very painful lockdowns your time to join the ERBID2 Zoom Consultationremains absolutely vital. As a leading UK resort Workshops. Your feedback has been invaluable andwe are stronger working together, and being a I want to assure you that we have listened to youBusiness Improvement District and retaining thatcarefully, with amendments made to the Final Planstatus for a further 5 years with ERBID2 puts us that take on board the recommendations you in the strongest position. shared including:I am very proud of all that the English Riviera BID You said that these are challenging financial timesCompany has achieved to date particularly the 75:1 so we are keeping the minimum Levy paymentROI that we have achieved on your behalf levering in at 150 pa for the next 5 years.significant additional funding to supplement the Levy You asked us to invest more money in introducingto invest in Destination Marketing. I feel strongly that new Shoulder Season Events so we have increasedwe are the right organisation to continue to lead on the ERBID2 Events Budget to 100,000 per yearDestination Marketing and to provide a joined-upfrom 2022. voice for our critically important Visitor Economy. You said peoples TV viewing patterns have changedNow is the Time to Vote YES.through lockdown and asked that ERBID2 looksI thank you for your continued support and we to invest more in Digital Marketing and Digital TVlook forward to working with you in the future. channels rather than traditional terrestrial TV. Yours sincerelyYou told us you want to extend the season based around lifestyle, wellbeing, outdoors and eco-tourism. As a result, ERBID2 will invest more time and money into promoting the Great Outdoors and related activities: cycling, kayaking and swimming, aligningTim Godfrey to the Naturally Inspiring branding more prominently.Chair, English Riviera BID Company Ltd.www.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 3 /'