b'BIDL E V Y RULE SA N D BA L LOT LEVY RULESThe BID Regulations of 2004, approved by the Government,The BID Levy will not be affected by the sets out the legal framework within which BIDs have tosmall business rate relief scheme, service operate, including the way in which the Levy is charged andcharges paid to landlords, exemptions, relief collected, and how the ballot is conducted or discounts prescribed in the Non-Domestic The term of the ERBID will be for a period of 5 years Rating (Collection and Enforcement) (Local Lists) Regulations 1989 made under the The Levy rate is fixed and will not be subject to variation Local Government Finance Act 1988by the annual rate of inflation Under the BID regulations 2004, Torbay VAT will not be charged on the BID Levy Council is the only organisation that can collect The BID Levy will be applied to all eligible businessthe Levy on behalf of the BID Companyratepayers within the defined area The Levy income will be kept in a separate The following exemptions to the BID Levy apply ring-fenced account and transferred to the BID on a monthly basisoThose with a rateable value of less than 3,000 Collection and enforcement arrangements oPublic Houses with a rateable value of less than 12,000 will be similar to those for the collection and oBusinesses whose primary function does not fall intoenforcement of non-domestic business rates the categories identified on Pages 20-21 with the BID Company responsible for any oNon-retail charities with no paid staff, trading income,debt write off. The BID area and the Levy rate arm or facilities and entirely voluntary or subscriptioncannot be altered without a further ballotbased organisations The BID projects, costs and timescales can The Levy will be a fixed rate of 1.95% based on the rateablebe altered subject to board approval providing value per hereditament as at 1st April each year using thethe changes fall within the income and overall most current Non-Domestic Ratings list. It will be updatedobjectives of the BIDfor any changes in ratepayer appeals, additions,The Levy rate or boundary area cannot be or removals increased without a full alteration ballot. The minimum ERBID2 Levy payable will be 150 per annum However, if the BID company wishes to decrease the Levy rate during the period, The BID Levy will be paid by any new ratepayer occupyingit will do so through a consultation, which will, any existing hereditaments (a business rated property)as a minimum, require it to write to all within the BID area existing BID Levy Payers. If more than 25% New hereditaments will be charged from the point ofobject in writing, then this course of action occupation based on the rateable value at the time it will not proceedenters the rating list, even though they did not vote on The English Riviera BID Company will meet the initial proposal at least six times a year. Every Levy paying If a business ratepayer occupies premises for less thanbusiness will be eligible to be a member one year, the amount of BID Levy payable will be calculatedof the BID Company and vote at Annual on a daily basis General MeetingsEmpty properties, those undergoing refurbishment or beingThe Board will produce a set of annual demolished will be liable for the BID Levy via the registeredaccounts available to all membersbusiness ratepayer with no void period/ 28 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'