b'ALEX FOLEYRICHARD HANBURY OWNER OF DIRECTOR, GUARDHOUSE REACH OUTDOORS,CAF, BERRY GOODRINGTON HEAD, BRIXHAM " Since its inception, the ERBID company " The ERBID Company has a proven track record has developed a professional brand for theof increasing visitor numbers and spend in our English Riviera that we can all be proud of.local tourist economyin contrast to a 30% fall The collaboration of resources from Levyin visitor numbers between 2005-10. Visitors Payers allows the English Riviera to reachare essential to our local economy and we all audiences through targeted Destinationneed to be investing in Destination Marketing so Marketing campaigns that are continuallythat our region can compete with other UK and reacting to latest industry trends. It listens tointernational holiday destinations. No business its members and invites Levy Payers to takealone can deliver thiswe need an experienced an active role in its future direction. As a smallteam and a good budget to invest strategically, " business we feel our Levy contribution provides" year after year. I believe its absolutely vital to"an excellent return on investment.back the ERBID2 with a YES vote.RAY AND PAULA DUFFY EDWARD BENCEOWNERS OFOWNER, BERRY GROSVENOR HOUSE,HEAD HOTEL, TORQUAYBRIXHAM " Small business marketing budgets will never be" There has probably NEVER been a moreenough to reach national/international audiences,important time for ERBID2. Once we begin to but our money combined has, and can continueemerge from COVID-19 which has decimated our to make a big difference. tourism economy, you may be sure, that many The strength of the ERBID is delivering aof our competitors will be investing to regain co-ordinated strategy, that promotes all aspects as much market share as they possibly can! of the English Riviera. Now, more than ever,Competition will be fierce and we need to ensure as we emerge from COVID-19, it is vital thethat we are in Poll position. We need to keep English Riviera is kept in peoples minds. Tor Bay at the forefront of everyones mind as By supporting the 5-year renewal we can the Destination of Choice in the years ahead. " all help shape a positive future for the Bay," Working together has never been more important. and by extension, our own businesses. www.englishrivierabid.co.uk "/ 27 /'