b'P OS IT IV EP R A ISE FORE R B IDMAUREEN IAN D SOLKIN MIH MCALLISTERMANAGINGOPERATIONS DIRECTOR,DIRECTOR, CARY ARMS,PALACE THEATRE, BABBACOMBE PAIGNTON" We believe in proactive marketing and" Its important to have a one stop shop for"promotion of Torbay and the wider area. tourism in the English Riviera, a platform to The ERBID Company is essential in driving promote our offer and events, and a physical a clear and targeted message and an overallspace selling our tickets to visitors and strategy for tourism. With its expertise it helpsresidents alike. The ERBID company provides bring many different types of businessesthis, as well as maintaining the highest profile together as one, and promote the Bay as afor the destination, through digital and social whole. In 2020 the ERBID has helped more thanchannels. We look forward to enhancing ever giving clear direction in an ever-changingworking relationships across all businesses in landscape and sending vital information tothe sector, there is so much we can all do by government in its fight against COVID-19 and" working together to build a successful future"how the hospitality sector can go forward. for tourism and culture.NICK POWEDIRECTOR OF MIKE RHODES KENTS CAVERN AND CHAIR OF MD, BABBACOMBETHE ENGLISH MODEL VILLAGE,RIVIERA UNESCO BABBACOMBEGLOBAL GEOPARK " In an age where Digital Marketing is so" The ERBID Company has been successful in"important and, in a year, where the movepositioning the resort above many other UK online has been monumental, we woulddestinations and I want to see a second 5-year certainly not want to be without the ERBIDterm. The Company has demonstrated great Company. Their national and regionalskill in tactical marketing, using the latest digital marketing campaigns are very well targetedassets to attract visitors from across the UK and and a yes vote will be essential for thefrom overseas. The ERBID Levy provides us with Bay as we move forwards and continue tothe highest return of all our promotional activity, compete effectively with other leading UKreaching audiences otherwise unobtainable to us.Seaside destinations. Their role includes promoting the Bays outstanding / 26 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027 " natural and coastal environment alongside its"UNESCO Global Geopark status.'