b'FAQSERBID1 HAS BEEN RUNNING FOR 5 YEARS, WHY CANT IT JUST CONTINUE?BIDs last for a maximum of 5 years, once that term is over the BID is legally requiredto review its projects, produce a new Business Plan stating its objectives for the next 5 yearsand this new plan is then voted on by BID businesses that will be required to pay the Levy . This is known as a renewal ballot.IS THIS JUST ANOTHER TAX AND WILL IT SUBSTITUTE THOSE SERVICES THAT TORBAY COUNCIL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING?A BID cannot replace or substitute local authority services i.e. those covered by your business rates. Torbay Council has provided baseline statements as part of the BID renewal for both its statutoryand discretionary services. This can be viewed on request and are:Cleansing and Maintenance, Beach Cleaning, Car Parking, CCTV, Tourism, Markets Festivals and Events, Street Furniture, Street Lighting, Planting and Landscaping, Public Conveniences, Highways and Roads, Policing ERBID can choose to enhance and add to these services using BID Levy income.HOW MUCH WILL I PAY?On behalf of the English Riviera BID Company, the Council will collect a Levy from each eligible business which is transferred to the BID Company and used to implement the projects laid out in this plan. Eligible businesses will pay 1.95% of their rateable value. This is collected annually. There will be a minimum Levy of 150 for ERBID2. Those below 3,000 in rateable value will be formally exempt.I AM NOT AN ELIGIBLE BUSINESSCAN I STILL TAKE PART?Yes, businesses that are formally exempt from paying the BID Levy can contribute voluntarily. If you join the BID in this way you have exactly the same rights to the governance and management of the company as any other business.WHEN WILL THE SECOND MANDATE PROJECTS BEGIN TO BE DELIVERED?ERBID1 is due to end on 31 December 2021. The new term will then start from 1 January 2022. If the renewal ballot is unsuccessful all ERBID1 services will cease immediately on 31st December 2021. www.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 25 /'