b'ELIGIBLE BUSINESSES WILL PAY 1.95% OF THEIRTHERATEABLE VALUEER B ID2HOWEVER,A MINIMUM LE VY PAYMENT OF 150 WILL APPLY.If there is a YES vote all eligible businesses will contribute EXAMPLES OF ANNUAL LEVY to the projects and activities outlined in this plan. CONTRIBUTIONS THAT WOULD APPLY: Every eligible business in the BID area will pay the BID Levy, which is calculated as 1.95% of its premisesCaf rateable value. The rate will not change throughout theRV* 3,000 @ 1.95% duration of the 5-year ERBID2 term. In order to raise= 150more money for Destination Marketing and Events thereSmall Guest Housewill be a minimum Levy contribution of 150 per Eligible Business per annum.RV 7,500 @ 1.95%= 150For those paying the minimum Levy of 150 per annum, you will get the following benefits as a minimum: Restaurant A POWERFUL INDUSTRY BODY ACTING ON YOURRV 10,000 @ 1.95%BEHALF, LOBBYING AS REQUIRED= 195ONGOING NATIONAL ADVERTISING INCLUDING:TV, RADIO AND ONLINE CAMPAIGNSEntertainment and Leisure MORE INVESTMENT IN EVENTS RV 15,000 @1.95%CONTINUATION OF THE VISITOR INFORMATION= 293SERVICE, FREE VISITOR GUIDES AND MAPSFULL-PAGE ADVERT ON THE ENGLISH RIVIERAPublic House WEBSITE WITH A DIRECT LINK TO YOUR WEBSITERV 25,000 @1.95%OR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WORTH 250 = 488PER ANNUMCONTINUED FREE USE OF THE RIVIERA Tourist AttractionPHOTOS IN OUR IMAGE LIBRARYRV 50,000 @ 1.95%= 975CONTINUED INVESTMENT INTO SHAREDRESEARCH & MARKET INTELLIGENCE Caravan Park RV 100,000 @ 1.95%VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTORS = 1,950A business with a rateable value of under 3,000 will be formally exempt from paying the ERBID2 Levy but can Large Hotel join voluntarily. A voluntary contribution will entitle aRV 200,000 @ 1.95%business to the benefits listed as well as full rights as = 3,900a company member. A minimum voluntary contributionof 150 per annum will apply. Self Catering Unit ERBID2 BID COMPANY MEMBERSHIP RV 8,700 @1.95%Any ERBID2 Levy Payer or equivalent financial= 170contributor can become a member of the EnglishRiviera BID Company. This enables them to take Takeaway Kioskspart in the decision-making process and after and Premisesa period of 12 months can stand for and vote RV 8,700 @1.95%during Board of Director elections.= 170* RV = Rateable Value/ 22 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'