b'K E Y CO NTENTS TO U R I SM FACT SCHAIRMANS INTRODUCTION.3600M WHAT IS A BID? .4 Torbays Tourism and Hospitality sector generates NO VOTE AND YES VOTE CONSEQUENCES .6-7 approximately 600mof business turnoverper annum to benefit ERBID1 HAS DELIVERED .8-12 the local economyLISTENING TO YOU 13 120MWHAT WILL ERBID2 DO? .14-19is spent annually by ERBID AREA AND ELIGIBLE BUSINESSES .20-21 visitors on food and drinkTHE ERBID2 LEVY .22ERBID2 BUDGET FORECAST .23ERBID GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT.24 12,000FAQS 25Nearly 12,000 people POSITIVE PRAISE FOR ERBID .26-27 are employed locallyin tourism BID RULES AND ERBID2 RENEWAL BALLOT .28-29INTRODUCING THE TEAM .30-31KEY DATES AND CONTACT DETAILS 32 1,000Visitor spend directly benefits over 1,000 businesses and many more indirectly20%Over 20% of the local population work in the tourism industry/ 2 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'