b'RESEARCH,W HATIFYOUVOTENO ?MONITORING AND EVALUATIONERBID2 will build on the research,A No vote will mean English Riviera Tourism and monitoring and evaluation that hasHospitality Businesses will lose a great many been undertaken over the last 10benefits that ERBID1 currently provides.years to provide a vital continuation inHere are just a few examples:monitoring tourism trends including:LOST INVESTMENTTHE MONTHLY ENGLISHOver 3million in BID Levy would be lost to spend RIVIERA MONITORon Destination Marketing from 2022-2027.Undertaken by an independent TourismA LOSS OF MOMENTUM AND SUCCESS Research Company, the monthly dataThe English Riviera would lose ground with other that this confidential survey providescompetitor BID destinations such as Blackpool, helps the ERBID Company to reactGreat Yarmouth, Yorkshire Coast, Lincolnshire quickly to trends and provide vitalCoast and the Isle of Wight.information relating to COVID-19. LOSS OF ENGLISH RIVIERA WEBSITE NEWANNUAL VISITORAND SOCIAL MEDIASURVEYS The loss of a world-class website that attracts Recognising that COVID-19 has had aover one million users annually and extensive and major impact on the marketplace andtargeted social media campaigns that currently consumer behaviour, a new annualreach millions of prospective visitors. Visitor Survey is proposed to monitorDESTINATION MARKETING, EVENTS consumer sentiments about taking UK Staycations and their expectationsAND PROMOTION WILL CEASEregarding products and services. A No vote would mean that this would all cease from January 2022 with the loss of our profile as a leading UK resort along with reduced footfall and ERBID prides itself on being anvisitor spend.inclusive organisation that makesBUSINESS SUPPORT WILL DWINDLEevery Levy Payer and Partnerfeel involved and valued, andThe loss of a powerful and active body that works enables them to have thein the best interests of businesses. Particularly opportunity to share theirin post COVID-19 times, the loss of a powerful experience and knowledge tovoice in support and recovery work. Research and support the successful delivery ofmonitoring will cease, impacting on our ability to the ERBID 5-year Business Plan.compete and bring in additional funding.ERBID2 WILL:Continue the ERBID Focus GroupsNO PLAN Bto ensure that all Levy Payers can" There is NO replacement body share their views and experienceContinue the operation of thethat will deliver these services. ERBID Business Website There is NO Plan B. Provide ongoing ERBID Remember Torbay Council Business Updatesdo not have any funds for a Continue the ERBID AnnualDestination Marketing function.Tourism Exhibition and Conference www.englishrivie "rabid.co.uk / 19 /'