b'T HE M E S A N D INS PI RAT I ON NEW 600K hugely in popularity with an increased desire to improve As a result of COVID-19 outdoor activities have grownNEW fitness and well-being. The English Riviera is perfectly JOINT FUND ANNOUNCED placed to meet this demand for: sailing, running, walking, kayaking, wild swimming, paddle boarding, coasteering, fishing, scuba diving and leisure boating. THE GREATWith the popularity of the Great Outdoors predicted to continue ERBID2 will increase the profile of these OUTDOORSactivities as part of its Destination Marketing Activities. Building on the branding Naturally Inspiring ERBID2 will be focusing much more on promoting our very special natural environment and the special things visitors can experience, including Dolphin and Seal Watching without harming the natural environment. We will work with localNEWoperators to develop and promote our Eco-Tourism visitor experiences including Wildlife Cruises. Our status as an UNESCO Global Geopark strengthens our proposition regarding eco-tourism.ECO-TOURISM OUR UNIQUE LOCAL Named Englands Seafood COAST for good reason, the English Riviera is home to the UKs finest seafood FOOD AND DRINK and fresh fish landed at the world-famous Brixham Fish Market. Access to such a fresh catch benefits many local restaurants and provides the basis for a new annual Food Festival called Englands Seafood FEAST introduced by the ERBID after securing government funding. ERBID2 will continue to focus heavily on the promotion of Local Food & Drink and related visitor experiences. Our cultural and literary heritage is a distinctive part of the attraction of the English Riviera. ERBID2, in collaboration with the Council and Torbay Culture atthe TDA, will support the continued development of the Cultural Tourism offer across the English Riviera including the Agatha Christie legacy and using the new Heritage Strategy as a basis for building new andOUR UNIQUE LITERARYinspiring website content with some truly great stories to share with visitors.& CULTURAL HERITAGE ERBID2 will continue to work closely with the Global Geopark Management Group and continue to strongly promote the internationally recognised UNESCO accreditation awarded to the English Riviera Global Geopark in 2007 as a key message in all of our Destination Marketing activities. The geological tale OUR UNIQUE behind the English Riviera Geopark is spectacular and attracts a diverse range of visitors from all over the GEOLOGICAL HERITAGE world, all year-round. ERBID2 will play its part in helping address climateNEWchange locally, encouraging Tourism and Hospitality businesses to help protect Torbays natural environment, including our marine environments, and support Torbay Council and try and create a carbon neutral Torbay by 2030. We will identify ways we can all help reduce the impact our businesses have on our localCARBON NEUTRALenvironment and support one another to adopt more low carbon practices to achieve clean growth.ENGLISH RIVIERAwww.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 17 /'