b'AFOCUSON D E STI N AT IONM A RKET I NG SOCIAL MEDIA RADIO ADVERTISINGLinking to the official website, Social MediaYou asked through the ERBID2 will continue to play a major part in ERBID2sconsultation for ERBID2 to consider Destination Marketing strategy providingintroducing Radio Advertising into the an increasingly popular space for visitors toMarketing Mix. We will explore this communicate and share travel experiencesand get costings to produce an advert through the shared use of inspiring userfor major national and regional drive generated content. ERBID2 will continue totime stations.invest in promoting the official English Riviera Facebook page and promoting the resort through Instagram, YouTube and emerging platforms such as TikTok and Whats App to inspire prospective visitors.TV/CINEMA ADVERTISING OUTDOOR MEDIA The ERBID2 consultation highlighted thatThe ERBID Company will continue to viewing patterns had changed throughinvest in high profile Outdoor Media Poster lockdown and TV advertising neededAdvertising in key market areas as part of reviewing. Working with specialist mediathe national marketing strategy to raise the agencies we will explore Digital TV andprofile of the destination and drive direct Streaming opportunities further. Cinematraffic to the English Riviera website. Advertising will also be explored as this can MARKETING CHANNELSbe regionally targeted and reach significant audiences at relatively low cost. VISITOR INFORMATION SERVICE ERBID2 will continue to provide a qualityyear-round online and offline Visitor Information Service providing a one stop PHOTOGRAHY ANDshop with free maps for visitors. Increased VIDEOGRAPHY attendance at major events and the provisionof a mobile service is aspired to.ERBID2 will continue to invest in top qualityThis service will continue to offer additional professional destination photography andpromotional opportunities for Levy Payers videography to share free of charge withthrough poster sites, leaflet display, ticket sales Levy Payers. The Riviera Photos websiteand free Whats On listings for events.which is currently one of the ERBIDs mostERBID2 will review the introduction of a high valuable creative assets will be upgradedquality online/offline English Riviera Visitor and regularly updated working with localMagazine supported by the ERBID Company, photographers and videographers wheneverproviding additional promotional opportunities possible. AccesstotheRivieraPhotos for Levy Payers and an additional information websiteisfreeofchargetoallLevyPayers. source and keep sake for Visitors.www.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 15 /'