b'COVID-19 SUPPORT PRAISE FROM SOMEAlongside the achievements identified we have, sinceLEVY PAYERS.March 2020, faced the unprecedented challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. The ERBID Company made a quick decision to adjust its normal programme of work"I think you have beenand has been at the forefront of providing support andamazing during COVID-19.information to Levy Payers, recognising how hard ourThank you."sector was being hit. What was done to support businessesthrough COVID-19: "Good work guys, thank you.ADVANCE COMMUNICATIONSIts great to know that you continue to promote the bay Providing early information ahead of formalaround the country and that guidelines, which helped businesses get ahead ofinterest is picking up."preparing for the 4th July re-opening in respect of putting in place COVID-19 secure measures including the adoption of the \'We\'re Good to Go\' National"Thank you for all of the Accreditation by over 350 Levy Payers. The ERBIDbrilliant update emails recently, COVID-19 Task Force was established with Zoom callwe have been reading and meetings quickly set upappreciating all of the support LOBBYING AND COVID IMPACT DATAyou have been giving us."We immediately invested in COVID-19 Impact Surveys, to evaluate the extent of the impact of the lockdown and to provide essential evidence to lobby for financial"Thank you for the regular support. Extending Furlough, 5% VAT, extension ofupdates. They have been Business Rates relief and maximizing Discretionaryvery helpful over the last Grants were all lobbied for by the ERBID Company few months."ADDITIONAL FINANCE SECUREDThe ERBID Company was successful in securing additional funds through lockdown, which meant"Thank you for keeping us so operational costs including salaries were all coveredwell informed throughout this and your Levy was protected for Reactive Marketingvery difficult year, it has been and launch of the WELCOME BACK campaignvery much appreciated."MEDIA ACTIVITYThe ERBID Company acted as the Media Spokesperson for the resort in respect of COVID-19"Thanks for always keepingand invested in the Responsible Riviera mediaup with all the news andcampaign to help assure residents of the COVID-19sharing them with us.secure measures that were being put in place I tremendously appreciate thebig effort put into your work.""Thank you for thecontinuing Lobbying onbehalf of hospitality."/ 12 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'