b'ERBI D 1HA SDEL IVER EDVolume and value since the inception of ERBID1 in 2017 This section looks at key figures and evidence in relation to the performance of the English Riviera since the inception of ERBID Company in 2017. Wherever possible comparisons areTRIPS made to 2016 data, the base year.We are all making good progress: UPUK staying holiday trips to the English Riviera were3%higherin2019thanin2016UK staying holiday nights were 5%higherin2019thanin2016UK staying holiday spend was 6%higherin2019thanin2016*Average length of stay has increased to 3.98nightsin2019*** The marked increase in holiday spend equates to approximately14 million,five times more than the Levy collected by the ERBID . There is no doubt that theERBID is providing a strong Return on Investment. ** This increase in duration represents nearly an extra day compared to 2016.By way of comparison the average length of stay for UK holiday visitors in Devonincreased by 0.07 days over the same period. Good promotion of the area and the widerange of things to see and do could be a key factor in this increase of holiday length.SPEND Increases in shoulder season occupancyIncreasing shoulder season occupancy and footfall has been a key objective of the UPERBID with repeated off peak Marketing Campaigns invested in. We are seeingsome encouraging results:9%increase in serviced room occupancy in the firstquarter of the year (Jan to Mar) between 2017 and 20192%increase in serviced room occupancy in the fourth quarter of theDURATION year (Oct to Dec) between 2017 and 2019 UPWhen attempting to analyse tourism performance the larger context always needs tobe considered. Considering all factors, the relative stability and progress being made in terms of Visitor Values and Volume could indeed be viewed as a success. It is likely thatour continued progress is linked to local investment through the ERBID, in supportingthe continued promotion of our diverse tourism product. OCCUPANCY WITHOUTTHEERBID,WEBELIEVERESORTPERFORMANCECOULDBEVERYDIFFERENT. UPOBVIOUSLY, THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC WILL HAVE A HUGE IMPACT ON TOURISM LEVELS FOR 2020./ 10 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027'